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Braces Are Better
Than Ever

Farnsworth Family Orthodontics uses the Empower self-ligating metal braces system in our Lubbock, San Angelo, Hobbs, Carlsbad, and Clovis offices.

The benefit? A more comfortable experience and shorter treatment times.

Why We Still Rely On Metal Braces

While traditional braces use elastic ties, American-made Empower self-ligating braces system utilizes a slide mechanism to hold the archwire, thereby reducing the amount of pressure exerted on your teeth.

This enables the teeth to move more quickly and comfortably compared to other treatment options. Other benefits of Empower include:

  • Excellent Results in Less Time - Naturally, treatment times vary on a case-by-case basis, but many patients see results months sooner than those with traditional braces. We will conduct an analysis of your specific needs and then develop a treatment plan that will have you smiling sooner
  • More Movement - Experience quicker results with gentler forces
  • Effective and Precise - We reduce the need for many of the time-consuming and complicated procedures that come with traditional braces
  • Fewer Adjustments - Orthodontic appointments will take less time, and you'll need fewer of them
  • Less Discomfort - Self-ligating braces are small, comfortable, and easy to keep clean

Self-Ligating Braces

Farnsworth Family Orthodontics employs the Empower System for a more straightforward, more streamlined orthodontic approach. Patients all across Lubbock, San Angelo, Hobbs, Carlsbad, and Clovis can reap the benefits of this modern method.

First, Empower brackets have a unique design allowing faster and more efficient tooth movement. Unlike traditional braces that use elastic bands to hold the wire in place, Empower brackets feature a sliding mechanism that holds the wire in place.

This means less friction between the wire and the bracket, allowing your teeth to move more easily and quickly. This can result in shorter treatment times and fewer visits to our office for adjustments.

Another great benefit of Empower brackets is that they are more comfortable than traditional braces. The sliding mechanism allows for a lower profile bracket, which means less metal in your mouth.

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