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Free Retainers For Life!

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Pediatric Orthodontics In San Angelo, TX

pediatric orthdontist in lubbock tx

Set the Foundation for Your Child’s Lifelong Healthy Smile

Our team at Farnsworth Family Orthodontics knows the countless benefits that can come when a child visits an orthodontist in the earlier stages of life. This is why our pediatric orthodontist in San Angelo, TX, follows the recommendation of The American Association of Orthodontists, which urges all parents to bring their children to be evaluated by a trained orthodontic specialist at the age of seven.

Why Is Early Evaluation Necessary?

Keep in mind that early evaluation is not the same thing as early treatment. When your child sees Dr. Farnsworth, he takes that opportunity to examine your child’s bite and jaw alignment. This allows him to see if there is any preventative treatment that could reduce the severity or expense of treatment after all their adult teeth have erupted. Most parents who bring their child in for an early evaluation leave the office again happy to know that orthodontic treatment can wait – or won’t be needed at all.

In the event that your child does need early treatment, Dr. Fanrsworth will follow our process as explained below.

Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment

With two-phase orthodontic treatment, Dr. Farnsworth can both straighten your child’s teeth and align their jaw with little to no invasive treatment. It works by guiding your child’s growth before their jaw has fully developed, thus ensuring a healthy and aesthetic smile.

Children aged seven and older who are experiencing issues such as teeth crowding or a misaligned jaw are candidates for early orthodontic treatment. Because children grow rapidly, directing the alignment of the upper and lower jaws is easier than trying to correct a jaw after it is already grown. Early treatment establishes a good foundation that provides adequate room for your child’s permanent teeth.

Two-phase orthodontic treatment can also prevent the later removal of permanent teeth to correct overcrowding and/or surgical procedures to align the upper and lower jaws.

Achieve a Harmonious Smile in Two Phases

The first phase focuses on developing your child’s jaw size to accommodate all the permanent teeth and to align the upper and lower jaws. Certain appliances, determined on a case-by-case basis, will be used to accomplish this and will result in creating enough room for permanent teeth to grow.

The second phase will begin when all permanent teeth have erupted and generally requires wearing braces for up to two years. Retainers are then worn to ensure lasting results. The end result is each tooth having an exact location in the mouth in line with the lips, cheeks, tongue, and other teeth. When this harmony is established, the teeth will function together properly.

Learn More About Pediatric Orthodontics In San Angelo, TX

To learn more about early treatment for your child, contact our office at 806-798-1043. To schedule your child’s Farnsworth Family Orthodontics Smile Analysis, click here to use our convenient online form. Their appointment includes a thorough exam, digital x-rays, and an in-depth consultation with our experienced orthodontist – a $250 value, yours FREE!

Call today – we can’t wait to help your child achieve their healthiest smile!

As one of the premier orthodontic practices in Lubbock, TX, our team at Farnsworth Family Orthodontics also provides 5-star-rated orthodontic care to children and adults in Brownfield, Levelland, Littlefield & Plainview, TX, and surrounding areas.