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Metal Braces in Levelland, TX

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Metal braces in Levelland, TX, have a come a long way since baby boomers wore them in high school. Thanks to modern advancements in orthodontics, metal braces are now more comfortable, smaller, and more attractive than ever before! Modern metal braces adhere brackets to the teeth using an archwire. Colored bands, which can be personalized to your individual taste, hold the archwire that runs through the brackets.

A Tried-and-True Method

There is a reason metal braces have endured and remain a popular treatment. They have benefited from technology that has been around for a long time, have been tested and retested, and are consistently and overwhelmingly successful in straightening teeth from mild to severe cases.

While there are more advanced orthodontic options for faster and more discreet treatment, when it comes to aligning your smile and bite, Farnsworth Family Orthodontics’ high-quality metal braces are still incredibly effective.

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